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How to grow a newsletter to build a personal brand that gets you opportunities! ✨

How to grow a newsletter to build a personal brand that gets you opportunities! ✨

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Learn How To Grow Your Newsletter:

Why a newsletter? Why not a blog?
How to choose a niche when you’re starting?
What platform should you choose to send your first newsletter?
How to grow your newsletter subscribers organically?
Best practices you should consider.
How to get the “right” feedback from your subscribers?
3 Ways to earn money through your newsletter without sponsorships.
How to manage running a personal newsletter along with your job and freelance work.
How to find opportunities for freelance work through your newsletter?

Checklist to start your newsletter:

Write 3 reasons why you’re starting this newsletter.
I want to inspire my readers to be more productive in a healthy way
I want to help my readers find the best tools and resources to be creative
I want to help my readers earn a second income through freelancing
Who is your ideal reader? Describe them in detail.
I’m writing a newsletter primarily for those who want to be productive, creative, and want to have a second source of income.
What are your goals for this newsletter in 2021? Be realistic.
Reach 1000 subscribers through cross-promotions.
Work with favourite brands & reach out to them for collaboration.
Earn $200/mo through Sponsorships.
Publish a short guide on how to start a newsletter by sharing my experiences and help newsletter beginners.
Break these goals down into actionable points.
❌ Don’t: “I want to reach 100 subscribers”.
✅ Do: “I want to reach 100 subscribers by reaching out to 20 friends, 20 people who I admire, etc.”
Set-up your Landing Page quickly with Revue or Substack.
Share your Landing Page with Friends, Family, Colleagues.
Share your Landing Page on Social Media.
Other Communities (note it down here)
Distribute your newsletter in Public Directories.
A place to store your favourite articles or websites to get inspired by. Use Google Sheets or Notion.
Send your first newsletter issue.
Celebrate your Open Rate.
Collect Feedback.
Collect Social Proof.
Start building Wall Of Love.
Keep track of your expenses. Invest in yourself and your newsletter growth. Don’t go overboard.
Purchased: Domain & Email on Namecheap
Keep track of what’s working for you and what’s not working for you. Document your Newsletter journey.
Asking questions in Subject Lines improved Open Rates
Free Notion Database improved CTR
Cross-promotions improved Number of Subscribers
Celebrate your milestones.
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so I can cheer for you! 😇✨

Resources to grow your Newsletter:

(⭐ Highly Recommended. Played a big role in improving my Newsletter)

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