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Welcome to Videobolt author documentation

🤷‍♂️ What is Videobolt?

Videobolt is an online video creation platform which allows authors from around the world to sell their Adobe After Effects templates to a brand new audience, people who don't own or know how to use Adobe After Effects.
We created an automated system to allow online editing for every submitted Adobe After Effects template.

⛔ The Problem?

In order to create an intuitive editing experience for the end user, there are certain limitations which authors must take into consideration when designing their templates. For example:
Users can't open up the *.aep file and just move the text placeholder if it goes off-screen, or center it when they input multiple lines of text;
Users can't remove the Fill effect on the logo to show it's original colors, unless this control is built into the template;
Further tiny issues can crop up, and we try to cover all of these in the
section of this document, as well as in discussions on our .
As you can see there are aspects of user experience which must be taken into account so that templates provide the optimal experience when being edited online. Most of these are small adjustments, which can quickly become part of your template design routine, but go a long way to expedite the review process and improve the satisfaction of our customers.

✅ The Solution?

To make sure your template is free of these issues, it's best to use .
These extensions comprise a wide set of tools, created specifically to solve the numerous issues we've encountered over the past 6 years of development and template review.
is a step-by-step wizard to help convert your existing Adobe After Effects projects into a structure that is recognized by our online template editor.
is a hub for various expressions and scripts which are supported by our online template editor and extend default AE functionality.


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