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I need a designer…


So you need a designer, but don't know the level? Here we collect bunch of questions about the project position to help you decide.

Let’s answer some questions
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What level of English is expected?

B1+ — Direct communication
A2–B1 — Team collaboration
Doesn't matter

How will the person fit the design team?

Lead the team
Part of EPAM team
Part of on-site team
Single performer

Can you clearly articulate, what the customer expects as a result?

Yes, it's crystal clear
Yesin general
Nowe should figure it out

Designers will directly communicate with customers?

Nowe will manage it

Does the project need to identify any gaps in experience or potential value for the business?

Yesit's already planned
Yesbut we haven't planned it
No needit's all clear

If there are any design artifacts available?

Research reports
Discovery with a client insights
Wireframes, IA documentation
Visual artefacts: Visual guides, Design library any Mock-ups

We have selected
Nowe will start from scratch

What do you expect from the designer?

To prepare and facilitate the workshops with stakeholders
To identify gaps in the experience
To create fast concepts for further validation
To create prototypes with different fidelity
To create visually appealing mock-ups
To create and support visual materials (decks, banners, illustrations)
To validate his/her design decisions with end-users
To setup or optimize the design delivery process

We expect selected ones

What the team is already involved in the project or planned?

On-site client team
Other EPAM designers
Our team includes BA, FE, BE
The person will be performed solo

After completion you can go to
to learn more about position skills required,
to see how different levels will work for you and
to senв a note for staffing coordinators.

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