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Proposal from PatiCulture to Simplr

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Proposal from PatiCulture to Simplr


Description of the service: Pati will support Simplr with office management tasks from the 17th of January until the 27th of January.
Objective of the pilot:
For Pati: understand the day-to-day of a startup office and what it would take to build an Office-Management-as-a-Service platform.
For Simplr: get support on day-to-day stuff while there’s no permanent office manager.
Uri will sign an agreement to keep confidentiality regarding what we learn from Simplr over the next 2 weeks.

What can we help with during the next 2 weeks?

We’ll come by the office every morning for the time needed to perform the tasks. After that, we’ll be available remotely and we’ll come back upon request.
Daily Tasks:
Every morning - quick check:
Turn on AC
Erase the content of whiteboards
Check Bathrooms cleanness
General tidiness of the office
Empty the dishwasher if the cleaning lady hasn’t done it.
Water the plants.
Take care of any package that arrived while we were not in the office.
Buy supplies when necessary.
Keep an inventory and make purchases when necessary:
Soy Milk
Fruit, Coffee, Beers → Manage Simplr Subscriptions with Luís
WC paper
Kitchen Paper
Infusions / Tea
Weekly tasks:
Tuesday morning: take out the trash.
Friday: check the fridge and throw away food

What additional projects can we help with?

Improve Organisation in the office
Label cupboards (so that it’s easier to find things).
Rearrange cupboards for an easier experience.
Office search
Newbies package: prepare/reactivate the welcome package for new joiners.
Office decoration: we can make a proposal on how to improve the office.

What can’t we help with on the pilot?

For the sake of the pilot we believe it’s better if certain things are kept under Simplr’s ownership, but we can give support if needed. These are:
Day-to-day relationship with the landlords and providers for specific requests. Examples: chairs that need to be given away, changing schedules of cleaning staff; etc.
Own the logistical aspects of the newbies experience in collaboration with Hiring Manager:
Laptop set-up
Keycard set-up
Further input in internal comms and culture, such as:
Making posts for work anniversaries or new people joining the team.
Support in internal events.
Tech inventory management

Next actions

Agreeing on the terms of the agreement (NDA, Plan, etc).
Decisions to make
Do you want to add us to your Slack on a Guest role so that it’s easier to collaborate?
If not, we can keep Whatsapp and email as our collaboration channel.
How much freedom do we have to make decisions and changes in the office? What kind of approval process should we follow?
For reversible decisions that don’t have a cost, no approval is needed. We consult with Luis and go ahead.
For reversible decisions that have a cost, Luis approves them up to 100€.
For irreversible decisions, we ask Luis for approval and he decides if we need to ask further up the chain.
Setting expectations with employees
Given this is a new service, employees might not know how to use it. It’s important to set the right expectations. We suggest to send the following message to employees:
“Hey team! We wanted to let you know that for the next two weeks we will do a pilot with the co-founders of PatiCulture, an Office Management startup. You might have seen Uri around the office and you might also see Alex one of these days. They will support us in doing some office management tasks while they learn the needs of a company like ours.
You can talk to them physically in the office or by WhatsApp at +34646708463 when they’re not here. Feel free to ask anything you need or suggest feedback and improvements with them.
Some things they can help with: there’s no more milk, the coffee machine is broken, there’s no more toilet paper... Just ask them :) ”
Regular chats with feedback

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