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Meet the cheeses


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Notz is our flagshipーextremely melty with full-flavored butter notes backing a lactic slate, Notz is the go-to for Pizza People and anyone wanting a melty champion in their dish.
Flavor profile: dairy comparable is somewhere between a fresh mozzarella and young Havarti. Buttery, lactic, lightly sweet, creamy. This flavor profile is robust enough to be assertive but round enough to support toppings rather than overpower them.
Base: Cashews sourced from a specific region in South East Asia. These particular cashews are prized for their light sweetness.
"We love Notz!!! Your product is perfection and we think you’re pretty great too! Thank you for letting us have an excellent vegan option for our customers! 👌🙌🍕” ーVictor, Carmelas

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Rotating Seasonal

We offer a rotating seasonal flavor to keep it interesting. Below are a few fan favorites:

Lemon Lavender

Buttery and lactic, accented with fresh lemon zest and lavender blossom, Lemon Lavender Notz is a surprise on the palate. Equally happy on a cheese board or sliced and melted in a fruit jam grilled cheese, Lemon Lavender is a welcome departure from your typical cheese.

Habby Jak

Habby Jak is similar to Notz, but with a more developed butter backbone and the addition of fresh peppers to the aging process. Our team prepares fresh and fruity habaneros, jalapenos, red bell peppers, and rosemary and embeds them into the cheese prior to it’s maturation period, infusing a ton of flavor with mild heat.
Flavor profile: buttery, mild, lactic, fruity, mild heat, vegetal pepper and rosemary
Base: Cashews sourced from a specific region in South East Asia. These particular cashews are prized for their light sweetness. Coconut oil, steamed free of it’s coconut flavor.
"Habby Jak is basically the best thing I’ve eaten this year. I needed Habby Jak in 2020.” @sweeteststitch, Instagram

Garlic Herb:

Flavor profile: garlicky buttery and sharp, garlic herb is wonderful fresh on cheeseboards, marinated in olive oil with red pepper, or sliced thin for sandwiches and burgers. This is a very assertive cheese, standing up well to other assertive flavors to contribute richness and tang.

Smoky Jalapeno:

Flavor profile: smoky jalapeno is a crowd favorite. Somewhere between a smoked gouda and a jalapeno cheddar, smoky jalapeno stands alone among vegan cheeses. The round butter notes of our culturing process accentuate notes of mesquite smoke and fresh jalapeno. Sharp, light heat, mild smoke.


Flavor profile: dairy comparable: American. Ours is cultured, meaning it’s even real-er cheese than Kraft Slices. Make your childhood grilled cheese dreams come true.
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