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1-click reservation system for fast checkouts

What is MUA 1-click reservation?

At the moment, we only support credit card reservations using our web application. Before you can make a reservation, you need to have a valid account (registration, validation, login), enough money on the balance (Meinunfallauto Credit) and then you need to find a car, fill-out everything and finally - reserve a car. Since this is too complicated and not to many users are willing to go through this hustle, we created a new 1-click reservation system that is fully managed by the sales team. You can finish the whole reservation procedure with your customer within just 2 minutes.

How it works?

To fully understand our new system, I will introduce you step-by-step and explain each part of the process.
Go to Reservations (step 1) and click on the bottom-left icon (step 2)
2. Select the vehicle and reservation amount in EUR (recommended amount is 500EUR)
and click on the button GENERATE PAYMENT, after which you will see the following screen:
the URL you can see (https://checkout.stripe...) should be copied and then delivered to the client (via WhatsApp or some other preferred channel) - after this, you’re done with your part. It’s only up to customer to make a payment. Just to give you a better understanding, here is the screen that your client will see:
- where they can fill their data and payment method.

Important notices

To be able to deliver the possible experience to our customers, I want to give you the following notice:
We support the following payment methods:
Card (any card from EU and outside)
Klarna (worldside bank payments)
SEPA Direct (EU customers)
EPS (for Austrian customers)
iDEAL (for Dutch customers)
giropay (for German customers), which means that we are covering the most popular payment methods across the Europe.
You can create an unlimited amount of reservation URLs - we are only tracking the ones that are paid
Never share the same URL with two different customers - just generate a new one, and don’t worry!
Automatic e-mail containing the invoice and other details will be delivered to the customer - you don’t need to share anything else with them!
We also support cards with 3D Secure enabled
When customer pays using their bank account (EPS, Klarna, etc) you will see on the dashboard that their payment is still pending, which means that it will take some time to show is it accepted or declined (don’t take their reservation for granted)
We can always give a refund, which means that it is possible to have multiple reservations on the same vehicle, since you can always give them a refund after you sold that vehicle to the winner

Track everything

When you visit our Reservations page, you will be able to see all important information.
Amount column: below the amount you will see the payment method that was used
Status column: accepted (money is on our account, you can proceed), failed (below the status you will see why their payment is declined), pending (we are still waiting on their bank to give a confirmation), refunded (we returned money back to customer, their reservation is not valid anymore)
Action column: you can print / view the invoice or give a refund


You should enforce this functionality and make sure that customer knows about 1-click digital reservation
The process itself is pretty simple - you need to generate an URL (ET 30 sec) and customer needs to fill their details and choose a payment method (ET 90 sec), everything else will be carried by the system
This has nothing to do with invoices we are using - selling is totally different process and this functionality is only for making a reservation
Vehicles table also shows when a vehicle is reserved
When you open the vehicle on MUA Panel, you will be able to see the full list of reservations related to that car -


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