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Welcome to Your Guide to Discord

A Note to our Patreon Supporters

Thank You!

First, we wanted to take a second to say Thank You to all of our listeners who have decided to part with some of their hard-earned money to support Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast! We are truly humbled and grateful to this AMAZING community for believing in this podcast enough to pay to support it. None of what we do would be possible without the continued love and support from the listeners of The ADHD Podcast. We love being able to bring you new information and helpful content every week, and your continued support through Patreon makes that possible.
Thank you for your time and attention, -Nikki, Pete, and the TCA team

Syncing Your Account to Discord

One of the best parts of becoming a Patreon supporter is access to the super-secret Discord channels that are available at your pledge level. But, the only way you can get access to these channels is by connecting (or syncing) your Patreon account with your Discord account. Follow the steps below to get connected so you don't miss out on all the fun!
Make sure you have a Discord account. You can sign up for free at
Go to the Taking Control home page on Patreon (must be done on the web, not the app).
Click on the "Membership" tab.
Scroll down to the box "Discord Community"— Click the button "Connect to Discord".
On the new page that appears, click the link "Connect" found next to the text about Discord.
This takes you to the Discord home screen—Sign in with the account you created.
Once you sign in, you will be redirected to Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast's Discord server.
If you haven't done so already, we recommend downloading and using the Discord app.

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