Brex x Elysian 3v3 Tournament
Brex x Elysian 3v3 Tournament

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Jonathan Chang

Welcome to the first ever Brex x Elysian 3v3 🏀 Tournament!

We’re stoked to kick things off this Saturday, but first, please read through the following so that we can ensure a smooth day of hoops 👊

Tournament day


The location of the tournament is 555 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA
There is no dedicated parking lot for the facility - it is all free street parking around the neighborhood, so aim to come earlier than 12:30pm to ensure parking.
Find Trustin and Jonathan on the bleachers who will check you in at 12:30pm. NOTE: If you are later than 12:45pm there is a chance you may not play as we are going to be starting games right away.
Teams may shift around to account for no-shows and free agents. Those who requested to be on the same team as certain players will be prioritized.

Running games

There are 4 hoops, and 4 games will be played simultaneously at a given time. See for the most updated upcoming games.
2 points awarded for 3pt shots and 1 point awarded for all other field goals
Win games by first team to 12 points, must win by 2 point differential
Call your own fouls
$75 Chipotle gift cards to each player on the championship team and $50 to each player on the runner up team
If your team loses before reaching the championship, feel free to stay and watch the rest of the games!


Highly recommended to bring your own water. We’ve been told the gym’s water fountain is unreliable
Contact Trustin (714) 795-7818 or Jonathan (408) 599-9909 if anything comes up

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