Who’s a better fit to teach you Coda than a person who:
Knows Coda inside out
often impressing the developers themselves
A lot of things that we casually use today
to make gorgeous and functional docs started as my posts that blew some Codans’ minds.
I don’t simply follow the best practices —
I wrote them. (44).gif
Goes the extra mile to explain a solution
I understand problems quickly and
give complete and meaningful answers.
I won’t just provide a ready-to-copy formula but also explain the ideas behind it.
That’s why the Community still rewards me with the
Top ♥'ed Maker
Runs a
and a
about all things Coda
I already recorded numerous tutorials
and live streams — check out my style of teaching. Apparently it’s good: Coda trusted and
me to build their flagship courses! (43).gif
Has teaching experience and loves to share
I was teaching fundamental computer science as an
Asst. Prof.
at my university.
A student I privately taught to code from nil is now working at Amazon.
I frequently speak at different tech events about all things freelancing and Coda.
I believe in teaching seriously and fundamentally. Most tech tutors and courses will only teach you the how but not the why or how else. If you choose to learn from me you won’t just study the features of Coda but also get the Superpower of coming up with new creative solutions! The universal principles you’ll learn won’t apply to Coda alone — you’ll bring this knowledge to other no-code tools and even conventional coding.
I’m making new content all the time. See what kind of learning suits you best.
Learn on your own
if you prefer to study with no one over your shoulder
Free content
Best Practices Showcase series
Coda Tricks videos and live streams
The extras
More templates, videos and streams at $10/mo
The courses
Planned for mid-Fall
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Get me to teach you
for tailored training, personal approach, and extra motivation
One on one
Fully private coaching on a schedule that works for you
From $170/hr
Group classes
Group classes
From beginner to Coda Superpowers in 2 months, twice a week in a group
$1299 $799
For any questions or other training needs (e.g. speaking at an event, running a workshop, corporate training) don’t hesitate to write me at
. I reply to all mail.
one-off help sessions
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