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Storify & Carouselify

Turn your blog articles into IG Stories and Carousels with the help of Coda AI
If you’re running a corporate social page for your business, you sure know the pain of filling it with content. One of the relatively easy ways to make such content is to create bite-sized carousel slides and stories:
Image: . ​(is Clubhouse still relevant though?)
Normally these things can take some creative effort. So thank god if you have a dedicated social media marketing department with a copywriter and a designer to make these for you. But if not — let me guess, your socials might be a little bit neglected because ain’t nobody got time for that.
If that’s the case, a quick and better-than-nothing remedy for your situation could be some content creation automation with Coda AI and image manipulation trickery:
Feed company news, press releases and corporate blog articles into Coda AI. Then let it identify key ideas and extract headlines and summaries for each slide.
Then use the — my entry from the previous year’s hackathon and the Community Vote winner — to turn those into image files right in Coda, no paid 3rd service providers required!
Download, publish, tick it off your kanban, and pat yourself on the back for efficiency.

Try it out!

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