Rejection Letter Generator: Savage Edition

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How to test this template: ​TL;DR: the same as the original one.

I tried to make this template as intuitive as it can be. It contains a lot of instructions and will generally hold your hand. So just explore it naturally.
If you feel lost, watch the demo videos. That should help.
However, if that fails too, below are the formal step-by-step instructions for you. And feel free to write me at for any further help.

How to test the generator with sample data:

Go to . There are some sample applications there.
On the application that’s rejected, click the red Make a Rejection Letter button. This will generate a new entry on the Rejection Letters table and navigate you to the page.
In the page, follow the instructions to set up the letter. Fill out the rejection reason, strong sides etc.
Press Generate to make a letter. Press the button again to get a new variation of the letter.
Tweak the rejection settings, then press the button again to get a new letter with different reasoning.
From there you can:
Copy the result to the clipboard
send it as an Email — requires Gmail pack. This will open a dialog letting you customize the recipient and the subject.
and ultimately Finish and hide the letter from your working area.

How to test the generator with your own application:

Tweak the : fill out your company name and your own (recruiter’s?) name.
Follow the instructions in the page to publish the application form, then submit the application from the page ​— or — Just fill out and submit this unpublished form below:
First Name
Last Name
Enter your email
Applying to the Position
Upload your CV
Optional for this demo; in real scenarios enable Validation → Required on it
Submit your Cover Letter
Please write what encouraged you to apply to this position and why you’ll be a great fit. Please keep it concise at 2–3 paragraphs max.
Responses won't be saved because this doc is in play modeSubmit
Find your submission on the page. Move it to Rejected.
Now do all the steps for the sample data plan above.

How to test the Bulk Reject feature:

In the page, either move both sample applications to the Rejected stage, or submit more applications yourself like described above.
Click the Bulk Reject X Candidates button below candidate cards. This will create rejection records and navigate you to the page.
Follow the instructions on the page.
Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.