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Action Phase 3

Implement Your MIT REAP Acceleration Strategy

Last Delivered: Cohort 6 | January 31 – October 18, 2020


In Action Phase 3: Implement Your MIT REAP Acceleration Strategy, MIT REAP Teams enter the most important stage of the MIT REAP process and build toward their fourth and final MIT REAP Workshop. Leveraging the strategy knowledge and implementation planning developed at Workshop 3, Teams fulfill their commitments to meeting monthly milestones and winning their Must Win Battle(s). They also undertake a final reflection and comprehensive documentation of their MIT REAP journey, impact, and path forward.
To sharpen and implement a specific and practical MIT REAP Must Win Battle (including Must Win Metrics and Must Win Engagement), to achieve a higher level of economic performance through the acceleration of innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE) and the upgrading of your IDE ecosystem.
To capture your 2-year MIT REAP journey and next steps through a comprehensive report to be reviewed by MIT faculty at Workshop 4.
AP 3 Assignments Overview
AP 3 Assignment Details

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