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Action Phase 0 NS Summary

Team Formation & Initial Assessment


During Action Phase 0, your team will complete three assignments together to solidify your team structure and identify key team members, collect data that will provide your team with a comprehensive overview of your region's innovation and entrepreneurial capacities, and prepare a presentation that introduces your region and its key innovation and entrepreneurship drivers. Action Phase 0 is designed to introduce you to the MIT REAP core concepts of Stakeholder (team formation) and System (I-Cap and E-Cap), and to help you collect the data that will inform your future MIT REAP Strategy. The activities that you undertake in this Action Phase will serve as a primer for the next stage of the MIT REAP frameworks and core concepts that you will encounter in Workshop 1.


Assignment #1:  Identify Team Roles: As a team, discuss and identify key team members, including the Project Manager and Stakeholders (Entrepreneur, Government, University, Corporate, Risk Capital)
Assignment #2: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Assessments: An overview of your region’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, including relevant and accessible data on Innovation Capacity (I-Cap) and Entrepreneurship Capacity (E-Cap), and on relevant programs and initiatives
I-Cap & E-Cap Data Collection
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Collection
Assignment #3: Presentation for Workshop 1: Introduces your region and the key drivers for innovation and entrepreneurship to the MIT REAP Team and the entire MIT REAP Nova Scotia Cohort
The presentation should be 8 minutes
Team Champion(s) will present the PowerPoint at Workshop 1
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