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Action Phase 0 NS

Team Formation & Initial Assessment

Last Delivered: Cohort 7 | August 1 - October 21, 2019


Assignment #1:  Identify Team Roles: As a team, discuss and identify key team members, including the Project Manager and Stakeholders
Project Manager: Point of contact between your team and MIT REAP staff
Ensures that assignments are submitted on behalf of the team on time
Manages the participation of all team members in Action Phase check-in calls
Manages registration for workshop attendees
Manages inter-team coordination
Risk Capital
Assignment #2: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Assessments: An overview of your region’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, including relevant and accessible data on Innovation Capacity (I-Cap) and Entrepreneurship Capacity (E-Cap), and on relevant programs and initiatives
I-Cap & E-Cap Data Collection
Fill in the provided I-Cap & E-Cap Inputs spreadsheet, which includes links to online resources to complete your initial data gathering
Focus on the most recent year for which data is available across all categories
Visit the online resources and combine the data points into the provided I-Cap & E-Cap Inputs spreadsheet
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Collection
This information can be collected from resources such as academic papers, government reports, blogs, websites, etc.
Make sure to include both programs that have failed and succeeded
For those programs or initiatives that have discontinued their operations, include your team’s understanding of why it was shut down
Assignment #3: Presentation for Workshop 1: Introduces your region and the key drivers for innovation and entrepreneurship to the MIT REAP Team and the entire MIT REAP Nova Scotia Cohort
Utilize the previous Assignments as applicable
Content to include:
Basic facts about your region: location in Nova Scotia, population, start-up numbers and density
Your region’s identity and character
Most iconic place / building / image that represents your region
Most well-known local entrepreneurship / start-up
Identity / history that could / does shape your innovative economy
Strongest sectors / assets in your region – e.g., your comparative advantages
Your core MIT REAP Stakeholder Team: those who are attending MIT REAP Workshop 1 as well as other key members of your ecosystem that you will engage during the MIT REAP process
Your region’s key innovation and entrepreneurship activities (from Assignment #2)
Select at least 1 specific example of a successful initiative already launched in your region
Be prepared to provide a brief description of the initiative, the goal and motivation behind the initiative, the Team/Stakeholders involved, a few key steps you took to ensure its success, and expected impact (from Assignment #2)
Biggest challenge you face in accelerating Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE)
Biggest challenge facing broader productivity for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Why are you participating in MIT REAP, and what you hope to gain from this program
Your region’s “urgency for change” / burning platform
Presentation structure:
Add voice-over to your PowerPoint presentation and record it prior to Workshop 1
Voice-over instructions can be found
. An example can be found
The Team Champion(s) will present the PowerPoint at Workshop 1
The presentation should be 8 minutes
MIT REAP Faculty will facilitate Q&A after each team presents

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