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TraceParrot User Guide
User Guide

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Organizations are how multiple users can come together. You may create multiple organizations, and you may be a member of many organizations created by other users. Billing is handled per-organization, so if you do set up more than one Organization, you will need to configure billing details for each separately.

Creating your first Organization

Upon your first login, you will be asked to create your first Organization. Select ‘Create Organization’, then type a name for your Organization. TraceParrot relies on Meters to link everything together (more on this later) so you will need to create one at this stage. We’ve provided you a ‘Default’ meter but you can change this name, or leave it.
Once you have created your first Organization, you will see the app. From here you can configure connections, meters, and set up API Keys. This can all be done from the ‘Create’ floating action button (bottom right).
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