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TraceParrot User Guide
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API Keys

Not to be confused with your AI Provider’s API Keys, these are API Keys created in TraceParrot that allow access to your configured connections. Instead of giving your users direct un-metered, un-limited access to your models, TraceParrot allows you to issue API Keys to systems and users to access AI Models securely via TraceParrot.
To create an API Key, simply name the key and select the Connection and Meter to attach to. After creating, you will be presented with the Key for you to copy.


Once you leave this window, you will not have access to this key in plain-text any more.



If you are using TraceParrot as part of a system that integrates LLMs, or as part of a broader corporate solution, you can automate the creation of API Keys for use by your users or integrations. Check out the API Documentation

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