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Tony Plasencia 

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Efren Antonio Plasencia ( why Tony? 😉 ) Welp, some kid, decided I was hilarious to say that my name was Afro. What preceded was one of the worst roasts that I remembered in my whole life. Since then, I am Tony. Though, I did have sort of an afro so in retrospect, kid, I’ll give you props. ✊
East Oakland, California
Family descent: 45% Spanish 🇪🇸 , 35% Mexican 🇲🇽 , 10% Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 , and 10% Guatemalan 🇬🇹
Proud son of Teen Mom & Immigrant ❤️
Top things I like to do?
Beer or Wine Taste 🍷 🍺
Smoke meats with my Family 🥩
Hiking or Running around Lake Merritt 🏃‍♂️
Learn or Teach something new! 🧠

Linkedin Intro 🤮
I’m from East Oakland, California. During my time at University, I joined Uber (pre-IPO) and was exposed to the power of emerging technologies while working on different projects such as UberKiosk, UberOffline, and UberMaps. My curiosity paired with a desire for changeset me on a journey in the 'Start-Up Ecosystem.' Since Uber, I’ve worked at 2 hyper-growth companies, helped get 2 start-ups to get their wheels rolling, and co-founded a company w/ awesome peeps :-) (
I utilize data and relationships to create monetization strategies & processes. Conducting user interviews that defined the customer journey is one of the coolest things I’ve done. My curiosity for knowledge and optimism allow me to discover the problems, needs, and wishes of peeps and then create a plan. Boom! Somehow you get yourself a salesperson.
I'm a Techie but Philosopher by passion; I am interested in AI/ML and its intersectionality between the bio-political State and its uses in Policy. My goal is to be a leading Politician who connects Big Tech and Policy to improve processes to build better communities and opportunities. I see Education as the strongest channel of progress and push for K-12 reform in the US, where I believe Tech is needed more than ever!

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