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Tony Plasencia 

Why Books?

Well, look, I haven’t made it like Elon just yet. No, not the money, the tales of him reading 10 hours per day. I can’t do that - I have severe ADHD. I have been able to make reading a daily habit that I fit into portions of my day and now even crave. Doing this for the last couple of months, mainly since the beginning of this god forsaken quarantine has allowed me to grow levels. I believe that education is key to mobility and the easiest access to said ‘knowledge’ is by picking up a book.

What kind of books?

You’re going to find a ton of different books. I’ll say I’ve read near 75 books in the last five years and yes, that does include things that I was assigned in College. Hey, they’re still pretty valuable, you can find excerpts of my writings in the page. Since there is a ton of different type of books that I could recommend, I’m going to do two things:
Create a subpage with a top 5 books I really like
Create a subpage with a table that links to all the books I’ve read and how you can too

I don’t care about you, How do I do this for myself?

Ok, rude, but I totally get it. I didn’t care too much to read not even when I was going through college. Until, I realized the subjective value and truths that we could digest from these chunks of 🗞️ or 🎧. Thankfully, we live in the age of technology so the headphone? I’m talking about , sure, they cost 💰 but knowledge is an investment that pays dividends. You can get the basic $8.99 membership per month and you get access to their Library of free books. You can buy 3 credits for $30 and buy some books you really want to read. OR You can ✨ treat yo self ✨ and get the $15.99 version that gives you 1 credit per month plus access to the free library.
Personally, I do this, I have the $15.99 version (not a flex.. you asked). I build a list of books that I want and buy the credits, it’s just super convenient.
Ok, enough bs, go find out what I like❗

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