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Earth 2030 @ RadicalxChange


Who are you seeking scenarios from?

We seek submissions from anybody working on a project or research that could have widespread affect on the world in ten years’ time, including activists, intellectuals, social scientists, lawyers, engineers, philosophers, and advocates of decentralised technologies.

What should be included in the scenarios?

Share the small details of everyday life that are different as a result of the project or research you are working on. Use these to portray the positive and negative aspects of life for the characters in yours scenarios, and their relationships with others and the world around them in all their granularities.
Scenarios should seek to imagine, for a general non-expert audience, a world where the project or research you are working on has been fully realized.
We welcome submissions between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length, as essays, first-person narratives/memoirs, poems, or in any other creative, written form.

How will the scenarios be used?

Selected scenarios will be included in the Earth 2030 published materials, which will be used for ongoing educational purposes, and may be included in future Earth 2030 workshops.
At the RadicalxChange event on June 20, and June 21, selected scenario authors will be invited to present their scenarios as part of the first session and invited to participate in the second session, which will be a collaborative exercise applying tools and techniques of story building, including world building and speculative fiction to create an interweaving aggregation of stories, narrative trajectories and scenarios of how a desirable Earth 2030 world could look and feel.

Do I have to separately sign up for the workshops?

Yes, to join the first workshop, please sign up to the whole event (for free) at
The second workshop will only be open to invited participants.

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