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New Employee Onboarding - Slack Channels

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New Employee Onboarding - Slack Channels

This doc uses Coda’s Slack Pack - to learn more about this Coda pack
Whenever someone new joins Coda, there are a ton of Slack channels they are expected to familiarize themselves with. Rather than asking our team members to go through a list of all of the channels they might want to join, I’ve put them all together into a single In this doc I’ve put together a quick template for sharing Slack channels with new hires.

In this doc:

: Use this quick setup template to set up your Slack channels, teams, and topics you’ll want to share with new employees
: Once you’ve set up your Slack channels under Setup, share this page with your new team members, or publish to your company wiki, so everyone can quickly find topics or teams that interest them in Slack!

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