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Customer Kick Offs In Coda

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Running Customer Kick Offs in Coda

Getting a customer relationship off to the right start is a key component to ensuring success for your customers.

Kickoffs at Coda

Customer kickoffs at Coda happen after a customer has signed with our sales team, and are a great moment for Customer Success Managers to establish what is important to our stakeholders, and how we can help them best achieve their goals.
Copy this doc and start building out your own ideal customer kickoff process.
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Head over to to build out your list of contacts between yourself and your customer
Add in Use Cases as well as known Customer Goals in Setup
Send out your introductory email to your customer and include a link to your
Use the results from the Kickoff Survey to build out
Hide or remove these instructions and any setup pages.
Schedule and run your Kickoff call with your customer and share this doc with them, so they can interact with and get involved in planning what success with your product will look like for them!

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