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Personalized Onboarding

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Personalized Onboarding

Integrate an automated & personalised onboarding with this doc!
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Ongoing Build (80%)

This is the main document for new employees.

@Anonymous User

Please enter your business information in the space provided below.
Business Name: [Insert business name here]
Overview: [Provide a brief overview of the business and its purpose]
Products/Services: [List the products or services the business offers]
Target Audience: [Identify the target audience for the business]
Unique Selling Proposition (USP): [Explain what sets the business apart from competitors]
Marketing and Sales Strategy: [Outline the marketing and sales strategy for the business]
Management Team: [Introduce the management team and their relevant experience]
Financial Plan: [Provide a summary of the financial plan for the business, including revenue projections and funding requirements - OPTIONAL]
Employees List
School Founder
+33 6 60 71 01 49

The To-Do list self-generates from a trigger (When you add a new Employee in the with a Name, Coda Profile, A Job and an Arrival Date).

Ongoing build - Fetch data from jobs, add end date based on task day, attribute to new employee, and filter by user().

You can also add new tasks yourself if you need it with the button below!
We suggest adding general tasks (company’s context) to the list below for every new hire, so that each new employee can follow them for a smooth onboarding process.
Add task
Onboarding To-Do List
End Date
No results from filter

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