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Kaleidoscope Society FAQ
What is the mission of the Kaleidoscope Society?
The Kaleidoscope Society is dedicated to empowering and supporting women with ADHD. They aim to raise awareness, foster community, and provide resources to those affected by ADHD.
How can I get involved with the Kaleidoscope Society?
You can get involved by attending their events, participating in their online community, sharing your story, or even volunteering for their initiatives.
How does the Kaleidoscope Society raise awareness about ADHD?
The Kaleidoscope Society raises awareness through various campaigns, events, and by sharing personal stories and experiences of women with ADHD. For more details on their initiatives, you can check their official website.
Where can I read personal stories of women with ADHD shared by the Kaleidoscope Society?
The Kaleidoscope Society has a dedicated "Stories" section on their website where women with ADHD share their personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs. These stories aim to inspire, educate, and foster a sense of community.
What is the "Great ADHD Reset Program"?
The "Great ADHD Reset Program" is a 9-week professional development program created by Executive Coach Cathy Rashidian and Kaleidoscope Society Founder Margaux Joffe. It's comprehensive program offers tools, strategies, and community support to help participants navigate ADHD challenges and lead a more balanced life. The program covers various aspects, including mindset shifts, time management, and self-care practices.
Why is the Kaleidoscope Society focusing on women with ADHD?
50-75% of women with ADHD go undiagnosed. ADHD presents differently in women and girls, both physiologically and socially. The symptoms in women tend to be less disruptive and obvious than in men. Undiagnosed ADHD can lead to other conditions such as depression, anxiety, and more. ADHD is commonly associated with children and men, yet 6 million adult women live with ADHD. The female experience with ADHD has been largely invisible, and there's a rapidly growing need for resources and support for adult women with ADHD.
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