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Múcua Guide

The outline of the structure of a Teal organization


In the section , we discussed the principles and values of a Teal organization, as we understand it at Múcua World.
In this Guide, we provide an outline that contains less Teal philosophy and more “do it like this” guidance and makes it practical for people to understand what a Múcua Teal organization looks like; and to apply the model to their particular circumstances.
The Múcua Model is not specific to any industry. It is a way to organize people. The model basically turns the Múcuaverse concepts into structures and provides criteria on how to carve out these structures in any industry and any organized activity.
We will, however, provide specific examples to make our explanations clearer.
Many of our examples refer to the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is due to the background of the founders of Múcua. We try, nonetheless, to provide examples from other industries and clues to help extrapolate from our examples into other industries. With time, we will enrich the Múcua Guide with more and more use cases from a greater variety of contexts.


To clarify terminology, here are a few definitions of terms we use around the word “Múcua”:
Múcua - the fruit of the Baobab tree, in Angolan Portuguese (where Baobab is called “Imbondeiro”).
Múcua World - the name of our organization.
Múcuaverse - our vision of the world of Cyberspace, for purposes of Teal organizations.
Múcua Model - our model for a Teal organization.
Múcua Guide - the “how to” for the Múcua Model.
Often, we use the word Múcua as substitute for Múcua Model.

Some of the content in this Guide will reference YouTube videos .

The Baobab of Happiness

The Baobab is a tree with an interesting shape: it has a bulky tall trunk topped by a canopy that is flat and wide supported by branches that spread out to the sides.
The Baobab of Happiness in the Múcua Model has two important branches on the Baobab: Work and Learning. But why do we call it happiness?


The ultimate purpose of a Teal organization and its underlining Philosophy is to establish human associations that create an environment where work is fun and fulfilling, even though it is hard. To that end, the Múcua Model has two main constructs:
Work Structures, which define the way people get organized to do great things together.
Learning Structures, which are frameworks deliberately aimed at the development of people’s knowledge and expertise.

It is the combination of these constructs that gives the Múcua Model its distinct humane characteristics that provide the opportunity for human beings to have a fulfilling work life.
Thus the term Baobab of happiness.

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