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Intempt's Employee Handbook
Intempt's Employee Handbook

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Remote workstation

(Few words from Kristina, who thinks and provides suggestions on how to make the workplace more healthy and safe in any environment we work. Feel free to get a piece of advice from her at

, that remote work has many benefits as follows: people are happier, they save a lot of lifetimes of endless travel from home to work and back, their working schedules are more flexible, etc. Unfortunately, there is a negative impact of such working conditions too. If we are working from home, we are keen to go into compromises related to our health, life-work balance, and even poor personal hygiene. All these factors mentioned above sometimes lead us to decreased productivity, health issues, and messed up the daily routine, it makes us less motivated and happy and even can push us to burnout and stress.
I will share some articles below, that helped me a lot to organize my daily routine and working space at home. As a person who has a child and a very curious cat, and another engineer working from home, I felt and understood that daily routine processes need some control.
Here while working from home, if you have none, you are on the lucky list!

Thinking about a safe and productive environment, I would divide the most important things into a few blocks :

1.Workplace organization- to have it done properly we need to think not only about desks and computers but also about the surrounding environment, light, temperature, noise, dust and etc.
Before I started to work remotely and started to really work (not hang out in the coffee shops for 1-2 hours with my laptop), I had a very strange image of what this remote workstation should look like.
Only now do I understand that all these cool people from movies, who sit in hoodies and work from anywhere, after a year or two will have shoulder, back and wrist pains, eye strain, and headaches.

I have changed my behavior and leaned toward another stereotype- a standing desk as a must! But after I bought one and made some research, I clearly understood- . We are not made to sit or stand, but we are made to move. If you are sitting comfortably near your work desk, that is fine, just time from time, stand up and go make yourself a cup of tea, clean your room a bit around, or water your flowers.
C’mon, some people are working even in! Make sure that the monitor is on your eye level, and you use the necessary extensions and adjustments for your laptop, making it as much ergonomic as you can. Get noise-canceling earphones if you can't be alone in the place you perform your work.

If you feel, that something is missing to make your workstation well set and healthy, please contact me and we find some solutions.

Intempt is providing the possibility to create your own Happy setup for an Engineer providing you a $500 support during your 3 years of working with us.

Here are some links for inspiration for home office setup:
This guy has set up a, a bit extreme in my opinion, but all done properly.
about working posture and setting workstation at home
needed to make your work effective and safe.

2.Working routine organization- it is very important to have clear blocks of time when you work/rest/eat, you name it.
I will share a few articles below, which are providing really good advice on this more broadly, but the main things are the following :
-Have a clear daily routine;
-Do not work from the bed;
-Remember to stretch and blink;
-Have clear boundaries of workday start/end;
-Make sure you have a task list for each day;
-Do not eat near a computer, have another space for it;
-Scrolling social media or watching a movie is not rest;
-Unplug from work.

Here are some articles I really loved and would like to share :

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