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Walt Disney World Park Planner

You've booked a trip to the most magical place on Earth and are ready to start planning your days at the parks! Now what?

A trip to Disney World can be one person’s dream come true and another person’s worst nightmare...

Immersive experiences, crowds, awe-inspiring fireworks shows, lines, iconic rides, “It’s a Small World” playing on an endless loop, adults finding their inner children again, lines...Did I mention lines?!
Either way, there’s no doubt you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime, and though the amount of planning leading up to your trip may seem daunting, hopefully this guide will help make it all more fun and stress-free.
There are a ton of great blogs and sites on the wonderful World Wide Web, as well as an , that offer in-depth details on where to stay and how to get to the Resort. This planner is focused on your day-to-day experiences at the parks and will be a helpful complement to those overall trip-planning resources.

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To kick off your planning and start building your must-do lists, simply click the blue button below:
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Plan your park days!
This is the main feature of the doc and is organized according to Disney Park:
Within each Park page, you’ll find subpages that will help you figure out which rides, dining options, and shows & experiences would be the best fit for you and everyone you’re traveling with. When you mark an attraction as a favorite ❤️, it will be compiled in your personalized must-do list so you can hit the ground running when you arrive at the Park.
Explore the informational sections!
: Questions about parking? Ticket prices? Find those answers here.
: Traveling with someone who has accessibility requests? Check out this page.
: Splurged on the Genie+ park ticket add-on and need a list of all the eligible attractions? I got you.
: Want to go behind the scenes of this doc to where all the data lives? Is it no longer 2022, which probably means the list of attractions is outdated? Please add new ones to the tables here.

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