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Framing the Context for Yazi's Strategic Acquisition

The Opportunity for Strategic Acquisition

In the evolving landscape of digital communication and market research, Yazi presents a compelling proposition with its unique WhatsApp-based survey and research platform. The widespread adoption of WhatsApp globally, particularly in emerging markets, positions Yazi at the forefront of an untapped opportunity to revolutionise the way businesses engage with their audience. This document outlines the strategic rationale for acquiring Yazi, a platform designed to harness the full potential of WhatsApp for comprehensive and effective market research.

Why Yazi Stands Out

Yazi has developed a product that not only leverages WhatsApp's extensive reach and high engagement rates but also addresses the significant challenges faced by businesses in conducting effective market research in emerging markets. Despite its innovative approach and early successes, Yazi's journey has illuminated a key insight: to fully realise its potential and scale to new heights, Yazi's offering is best suited for integration within a larger, established market research agency or SaaS platform. Such entities, especially those with a significant volume of research activities but lacking a WhatsApp channel, stand to gain immensely from incorporating Yazi's technology.

The Challenge of Scale and Sales Cycles

One of the critical realisations in Yazi's journey is the limitation in deal size and the extended sales cycles resulting from the complexities of operating within the WhatsApp ecosystem. The process of acquiring a WhatsApp number, essential for deploying Yazi's services, is not only tedious but also lengthens the sales cycle, impacting the scalability of the business. Moreover, the inherently small deal sizes ($100 - $300 per month) restrict Yazi's growth potential when operating as a standalone product.

The Strategic Fit for Market Research Agencies or SaaS in Emerging Markets

Market research agencies and SaaS platforms, particularly those with a focus on emerging markets, are continuously seeking innovative ways to engage with their audiences. The integration of WhatsApp as a research channel offers a distinct advantage, enabling these entities to:
Enhance Reach and Engagement: Leverage WhatsApp's superior penetration and engagement rates in emerging markets, facilitating broader and more effective participant engagement.
Overcome Traditional Research Limitations: Address the limitations of traditional digital research methods, which often fail to capture representative data or engage participants effectively.
Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Operations: For agencies already conducting significant volumes of research, adding WhatsApp as a channel can be a seamless extension of their current operations, enriching their data collection capabilities without the need for substantial operational changes.

Conclusion and Invitation to Explore Yazi's Acquisition

The strategic acquisition of Yazi by a larger market research agency or SaaS platform operating in emerging markets presents a win-win opportunity. It allows the acquiring entity to rapidly expand its research capabilities and engage with hard-to-reach audiences via WhatsApp, while also providing Yazi the platform it needs to scale its impact and reach its full potential.
This document invites potential partners and collaborators to explore the value proposition of Yazi's WhatsApp research platform. Through strategic acquisition, we can unlock new horizons in market research, creating synergies that benefit not just the acquiring company but also the wider community of businesses and participants engaged in market research across emerging markets.


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