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Analysis of Most Prevalent Categories of New Products

Based on the , the following categories of new products seem to be prevalent:
AI-powered tools for various purposes such as content creation, email marketing, personal assistance, exam preparation, and chatbots
Productivity and organization tools such as expense tracking, landing page design, budget and money tracker, Notion templates, and inventory matching
E-commerce related tools such as AI customer support for e-commerce, bulk listing editor for Etsy, and an e-commerce theme
Personal development and education tools such as self-coaching app for career development, recipe discovery app, and an interest-based app for expressing and socializing
Miscellaneous tools such as an event planner, live street events tracker, chess tournament calendar, secure account sharing app, and a platform to invest in people.
It seems that AI-powered tools are the most prevalent among the new product categories.

Trending Product Categories
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New Product Ideas Based On Current Product Trends
Product Title
"Revolutionize your email writing with EmailGPT's AI-powered suggestions and save time on every message.”
EmailGPT is an AI-powered email writing tool that helps users save time and effort in composing emails. With its natural language processing technology, EmailGPT suggests relevant phrases and sentences based on the user's writing style. Whether it's for professional or personal use, EmailGPT can streamline the email writing process and improve communication efficiency.
it’s viable
AI Cookbook
"Unlock the power of AI with step-by-step guidance in the comprehensive AI Cookbook.”
The AI Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to creating intelligent systems. This book is perfect for those who want to learn more about artificial intelligence and how it can be used to solve complex problems. With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow examples, the AI Cookbook is an essential resource for anyone interested in this exciting field.
We do not have the technical expertise to pursue this idea.
Not Viable
AI Prompt Studio
"Unleash your creativity with AI Prompt Studio's advanced algorithms for unique and engaging writing prompts.”
AI Prompt Studio is a powerful tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate creative writing prompts. With its advanced algorithms, users can generate unique and engaging prompts for various types of writing projects. This innovative tool is perfect for writers of all levels looking to spark their creativity and take their writing to new heights.
Looks promising and creative, let’s pursue this idea!
"Say goodbye to meal planning headaches with RecipeMatcher - your ultimate recipe finder based on ingredients you have on hand!”
RecipeMatcher is an innovative app that helps users find recipes based on the ingredients they have on hand. With its intuitive interface and extensive database of recipes, RecipeMatcher makes meal planning a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or a beginner, RecipeMatcher is an essential tool for anyone looking to create delicious meals quickly and easily.
We don’t have the resources to pursue this idea.
Not Viable
AI-Powered recipe recommendation: Kitchenese
Discover new and exciting recipes personalized to your taste buds with Kitchenese - the AI-powered recipe recommendation tool.
Kitchenese is an AI-powered recipe recommendation tool that helps users discover new and exciting recipes based on their preferences. With Kitchenese, users can easily search for recipes, save their favorite recipes, and even create grocery lists. The powerful algorithm behind Kitchenese ensures that users receive personalized recipe recommendations that cater to their taste buds.
Looks promising, but research shows that this idea has been overdone.
Not Viable
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View of Newest Products Feed
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Proposals AI generated, to win clients without wasting time Discussion | Link
Creator Brain 3.0
The All-in-one ultimate brain for content creators Discussion | Link
Show by Animaker
AI email marketing tool for flawless interactive emails Discussion | Link
Call Pi
Speak to Pi - your personal AI, just like calling a friend Discussion | Link
Your AI companion for content creation Discussion | Link
Bookmark launcher with usage-based recommendations Discussion | Link
Anonymous peer feedback to improve your workspace Discussion | Link
Supercharge your exam preparation with AI Discussion | Link
The simplest way to protect your vision Discussion | Link
Street Maestro
Live street events near you Discussion | Link
World Chess Calendar
All chess tournaments in one place Discussion | Link
An interest based app to express and socialize Discussion | Link
Nifty Sparks
Your gateway to the Metaverse Discussion | Link
A expense tracking app Discussion | Link
Sassy Luna: AI Chatbot
AI chatbot that adapts, educates, entertains & inspires Discussion | Link
Cactus Diary
Diary app with AES encryption Discussion | Link
Creative and easy event planner under your URL Discussion | Link
Timezone Cat
AI-powered chat bot for automatic time conversions Discussion | Link
Workout Tracker & Meal Planner
Introducing the ultimate workout tracking template Discussion | Link
AI Prompt Studio (Beta)
The ultimate workflow enhancement for prompt engineering Discussion | Link
Lofi Tutor (FREE & Unlimited ChatGPT)
All-in-one copilot powered by Microsoft Bing & Google Bard Discussion | Link
XCLOC Translator
Make your iOS app(Xcode/Projects) available to all languages Discussion | Link
AI customer support for ecommerce Discussion | Link
A cool ecommerce theme built with Astro, Tailwind CSS & MDX Discussion | Link
Convert multiple currencies into one Discussion | Link
Mini Button Bundle
One click minimalism - simplify your day Discussion | Link
EmailGPT - AI Email Generator
Create stunning marketing emails in a few clicks Discussion | Link
Financial Control
Keep your finances under control Discussion | Link
Invent List
Discover hand curated future AI products from internet Discussion | Link
10,000+ Micro SaaS Ideas Prompts
Unleash your creativity in Micro SaaS creation Discussion | Link
Voicejacket (Beta)
AI voices so real you won't believe it Discussion | Link
Landing page design and development subscriptions Discussion | Link
Sonic Link - AI-Powered Chatbot Platform
Talk to the legends Discussion | Link
OpenAI API to Airtable
Connect Airtable to OpenAI API without using 3rd party tools Discussion | Link
Your personal AI assistant, just an iMessage away Discussion | Link
Momento AI
Create your very own AI clone Discussion | Link
Slog - Budget & Money Tracker
See all your money in one place Discussion | Link
Find the best AI tools to help you enhance your productivity Discussion | Link
Bulk Listing Editor for Etsy
Edit your Etsy listings and variations in bulk, save time Discussion | Link
Recipe discovery through inventory matching Discussion | Link
Self-coaching app for career development and happy live Discussion | Link
Brand hundreds of employee communications instantly Discussion | Link
500+Notion Templates for Productivity
Supercharge your workflow with 500+ Notion templates Discussion | Link
Hurrae: Infinity
One fee, infinite Webflow & design services unleashed Discussion | Link
Person Market
Invest in people Discussion | Link
Lit Prompts : Best AI Prompts
Curated best AI prompts for ChatGPT & Bard Discussion | Link
Securely share any account without sharing your password Discussion | Link
Powering next-generation african businesses Discussion | Link
High quality jobs with disclosed pay Discussion | Link
Easy way of sharing photos in collaborative albums Discussion | Link
Ace your next job interview Discussion | Link
Your gateway to Web3 focused careers Discussion | Link
10+ Email Marketing Master Prompts
Use ChatGPT to be top 1% in email marketing Discussion | Link
Unlimited Webflow design & development monthly subscription Discussion | Link
Cost-effective LLM development Discussion | Link
Manage your Ruby on Rails translations easily Discussion | Link
Assist Desk
Unleashing the power of humans and AI in perfect harmony Discussion | Link
Advanced IPTV app for iOS, Mac and Apple TV Discussion | Link
Make your bookmarks & saved pages actionable Discussion | Link
Learn languages while you laugh, with TikTok stars Discussion | Link
Folio 2.0
Transform your product demos into immersive experiences Discussion | Link
Talent on-demand, results on-repeat Discussion | Link
Prosper - Tasks & Day Planner
Schedule, plan, organize life Discussion | Link
Enter a topic, get a brainstorm report by AI Discussion | Link
Event Management Planner
Comprehensive solution for event planning and execution Discussion | Link
Sell your home - zero commission, really Discussion | Link
Your bridge to India’s talent pool Discussion | Link
Leali Ltd
The interactive marketing network for creators & influencers Discussion | Link
Outboundly 2.0
GPT-4 powered exention for prospect research & cold outreach Discussion | Link
Translate JSON effortlessly Discussion | Link
Find and post new and innovative open source projects Discussion | Link
A marketplace to discover, innovate & monetize AI prompts Discussion | Link
Create the most powerful emails in the world Discussion | Link
XO Analytics
Unleashing e-commerce growth with AI powered analytics Discussion | Link
BlogSpark With GPT-4
The complete blogging prompts collection Discussion | Link
The future of subscriptions, only pay for what you use Discussion | Link
Turn your wishlist into cash Discussion | Link
Brand Cartel
Killer content that does the job Discussion | Link
Tech Vetting
Candidates' skills testing on autopilot Discussion | Link
Scalar Insight
See the cost of your meetings in G Calendar, time is money Discussion | Link
A database that is verifiable and auditable by default Discussion | Link
Lazy Cards
Free AI written greeting cards Discussion | Link
Formsly AI Builder
Create forms and surveys with AI Discussion | Link
Prana: Your time is limited
Live age & life percentage on new tab to keep you motivated Discussion | Link
Next-gen, AI-powered digital asset manager for modern teams Discussion | Link
Chestr Wishlist 1.0 Web + iOS App
Save products, get discount + restock alerts & more Discussion | Link
Record 3.0
Support layer built for B2B SaaS Discussion | Link
FTChatAI - ChatGPT for iPhone
A powerful AI chat client for iOS Discussion | Link
Swaap v2
Revolutionizing DeFi with advanced market-making strategies Discussion | Link
Notion E-Wallet
Simple money tracker Discussion | Link
30+ Viral AI Music Examples
Discover the most viral AI music on the internet Discussion | Link
The fastest way to a cleaner Gmail inbox Discussion | Link
Startup BaseKit Pro
Build your startup's success with BaseKit Notion template Discussion | Link
Track engagements by adding analytics to forms with 1 click Discussion | Link
Threads Video Downloader
Download Threads video, images and GIF for free Discussion | Link
That Girl Planner
Manifest your dream life Discussion | Link
23/24 Digital Planner with Integration
Add calendar events, ChatGPT and more directly from the PDF Discussion | Link
10,000+ Side Hustle Ideas Prompts
Unleash your creativity in side hustle creation Discussion | Link
The next-generation Rest API framework Discussion | Link
MagicAI for Magic
A macOS assistant that turns sketches into works of art Discussion | Link
Proposals AI generated, to win clients without wasting time Discussion | Link
7/9/2023, 4:10 PM
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