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Brainstorming Page - Missions App
Brainstorming Page - Missions App

Sprint May 31

Key Concepts

Missionaries as Content Creators
socialize true north as content creation creates cash
Design constraints: the social feed is the first class citizen — it’s the only real estate
How do we keep things super simple — assume simplicity and “laziness” is the core user behavior
Look at Instagram and Tiktok — it’s about easy
Two perspectives
Not much scrolling
Permit scrolling but ask — what do we want scrolling behavior to serve (back to True North)

Deliverable by Next Sprint ?

@Yan Chen
— what are we targeting as deliverable?

Post Meeting Ideas

@Timothy Fong
— Asynchronous stand-ups to keep things going
@Timothy Fong
— I think we should get a worklist — what are the main deliverables in chunks?
How do we want to think about getting to a release?

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