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Brainstorming Page - Missions App
Brainstorming Page - Missions App

List of stuff for app

Need better wrap during the reply to post page
The animation seems to be limiting adding something in the reply page. Move it.
Reply button doesn’t work.
Post page I cannot scroll after adding photo.
Make feed like Twitter
Cache images
When I add a photo on a post I cannot see the text. It gets pushed off of the page.
Fix the profile page weird behavior. Just make it fixed to scroll.
Keyboard scroll not working after adding gift.
Header is messed up on profile it is too high not sure how to fix that
Make public posts clickable
Add public posts photos
Fix replies to wrap around defectively in a column
Fix the edit profile page by:
Removing autofocus
Simplify to essential fields
Address wonky scroll
Enable heart a post
Follower profile
Support these Missionaries

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