MusicKit Pack

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MusicKit Pack Demo

The MusicKit Pack was made by Thomas Baucom to bring Music Theory references and actions to Coda. This Demo doc attempts to show how the various formulas work so you can begin to add them as building blocks to your next project.

📋 What’s here?

: Collection of tools to find the names of notes in a certain scale, chord, or mode.
: Find a cool chord but don’t know what to call it? Enter a group of notes and let Chord Detect tell you what chord it is!
: Converts between Common Chord names (Cm, Fmaj7, etc.) and Roman Numerals (bVII, IV, etc.)
: Finds detailed lookup information for your favorite Major or Minor key.
: These formulas will transpose a note or a chord using an interval.
: Quickly converts enharmonic values because noone like E#.

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