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Theraheal App Goes Live - Get Personalized Aid to Enhance Your Well-Being

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, an innovative mobile app designed to help people all over the world create a more balanced and fulfilling life, goes live on the App Store!
This personalized mental health aid app will be already available on the App Store as early as next week. We’re excited to see our first users!
Theraheal was created by Northell, a software development company based in Tallinn, Estonia. It aims to help people reduce stress and anxiety, develop healthier eating habits, boost productivity and self-esteem, and engage in dynamic workouts to get excellent results. The Theraheal app helps to build an individualized well-being plan based on each person’s unique needs.
Try Theraheal now to benefit from:
Unlimited Access to Workouts
You will love the comfortable pace of our workouts, allowing you to enjoy getting fitter and stronger to the core. Each session provides easy-to-follow video instructions.
Customized Meditation Podcasts
Theraheal provides a variety of meditations, with guided sessions for beginners and less-structured programming for professionals. Our rich library of meditations is well-organized and easy to navigate.
Mental Health Journal
Track your feelings and reflect on where you are now and where you’d like to be. Write down some notes, including current challenges and goals for the future.
Vasyl Polych, CEO and Founder of Theraheal claims, “Theraheal will change the very essence of mental health care. We created an app allowing you to put all your life essentials together. Now you will have meditations, workouts, recipes, and therapy sessions in one place. It’s a perfect solution for both people who want to enhance their well-being and companies that are looking to create more resilient workspaces.”
Make the most out of your personal physical and mental wellness app. Theraheal offers unparalleled customization so that you put together the puzzle of your ideal lifestyle and stick to it for a long time.
In addition to providing holistic solutions to individuals, Theraheal offers large-scale options to companies, aiming to enhance global well-being. The app delivers personalized mental and physical health care plans to improve employees’ engagement and create more resilient workspaces all over the world. Trust Theraheal as a reliable partner always looking for the best solutions tailored to your specific needs:

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