Employee Offboarding

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Employee Offboarding

About this playbook
Terminations are an inevitable part of any growing company, as it is nearly impossible to achieve 100% retention. Regardless of the reason, terminations should be handled with the utmost care due to their sensitive nature and compliance requirements. This playbook provides HR professionals or managers with the guidance, templates, and resources to manage your termination process in a thoughtful, intentional, and compliant manner.
As your company grows in size and location, HR Managers should pay special attention to new regulations, such as COBRA or final pay requirements. This playbook is not an exhaustive list of requirements, but covers various areas of compliance and communication involved in a termination process.
This playbook is written for both HR professional and managers, as we feel it is important for both roles to understand what the other is responsible for. Managers should always work with an HR professional before moving to terminate an employee.
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