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The Microbe Directory

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The Microbe Directory

An Expanded Database of Ecological and Phenotypical Features of Microbes

What is The Microbe Directory?

The Microbe Directory (TMD) is a collective research effort to profile and annotate more than 80,000 microbial species that include Bacteria, Archaea, Virus and Eukaryotes.
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TMD emerged in 2017 as an inventory that profiles around 7,500 unique microbial species. For more information visit:
The Microbe Directory is a project from at Weill Cornell Medicine.

What is The Microbe Directory used for?

The Microbe Directory is used by students and researchers to find relevant information about microbial species. This information includes characteristics such as microbiome, pathogenicity, extremophiles, capability to form spores or biofilms, among others.
By collecting and summarizing data on various microbes characteristics, the project comprises a database that can be used downstream of large-scale metagenomic taxonomic analyses, allowing researchers to interpret their microbiological data.

Where does data come from?

Microbial data comes from the extensive effort of volunteers who manually collect the information for each species.
Additionally, we have included data from public repositories and scientific studies. For more information visit our GitHub

Why is The Microbe Directory important?

The Microbe Directory provides free access to a broad types of microbes characteristics. Additionally, TMD provides:
Data accessible and searchable through a single database
Quality check microbial data
Useful for individuals searching information about a particular species
Downstream of large-scale metagenomic analyses
Testing hypothesis of microbial annotation based on features

Expanding The Microbe Directory

We want to make TMD the ultimate microbial database. Our goal is to have ecological and phenotypical data available for every microbial species. For more information visit:
The goal for 2020 is to compile data of 15 characteristics of microbes for more than 80,000 species.

Open Science

The Microbe Directory is built and organized for full accessibility to users. Any one who needs it can easily download data into a simple table format.

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