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Should I Install Studs in My Winter Tires?

Those residing in areas covered with snow know the significance of winter traction. As a driver, you might have experienced white knuckle panic accompanied by a sensation while the car moves when it isn't supposed to be. This situation is often experienced by every driver who owns a car or a truck with front-wheel drive(FWD) or All Wheel Drive(AWD). However, you can overcome this concern by installing studs on winter tires with the right size and tread pattern and are made of top-quality material.

What are Studded Winter Tires & Their Role?

The studs are designed so that they can only be installed on studdable winter tires and give traction during winters. Studdable tires are sold without studs which need to be purchased and installed separately. These tires have a huge diameter with a cylindrical head and a carbide pin that stretches from the active end of the stud. You will also come across hard rubber studs in the market.

What are the Benefits of Installing Studs in Winter Tires?
Studded winter tires offer better performance than studless winter tires. They offer an excellent grip on icy and hard-packed roads covered with snow. The traction offered by studded winter tires is way better than the regular tires. It is because it offers improved winter timing grip and has a distinct tread compound with excellent road surface interaction. On icy surfaces, the coefficient of traction gets robust.

Studs not only come in contact with the road surface but also enter deep within the ice surface. The moment the driver starts acceleration, applies brakes, or enters icy surfaces, he will reap the benefits of the winter tire compound while the studs get within the ice, thereby improving the grip and vehicle handling responsiveness.

How to Screw Studs in Winter Tires?

Every stud is screwed within the tires using a "Stud Gun."You can easily find stud holes present in the studdable winter tires. Every stud size is different and is designed keeping the vehicle specifications in mind. Tires with proper stud size must be installed on The car, which is generally mentioned at the sidewall by the manufacturers. The professionals will perform stud installation but ensure that you are aware of stud installation cost before hiring him for your work.

Do All Winter Tires Have Studs?
Studs are only installed in studdable winter tires. Holes are drilled within these tires, and studs of proper size are fitted within them. If you try to add studs in studless tires, it would hamper their structural integrity and put the car's performance and safety at stake.

Do Studdable Winter Tires Improve Winter Performance?
Studdable winter tires have unique tread compounds that are flexible and keep the car's grip intact during low temperatures. Even if you don't install studs in studdable winter tires, it would still deliver the traction benefits you're longing for. These must be installed in the car only when it is winter season.

Are Studdable Winter Tires an Ideal Choice?
Studded winter tires work the best on icy surfaces, while the studless ones offer the best handling and braking while driving on dry or wet pavements. These have a minimum performance difference between them as you take them on ice-packed or snowy roads. Before buying studded tires, ensure that you keep certain things in mind; metallic studded tires are prohibited in 11 states. Ensure that you comply with the state laws before performing stud replacement on your car.

Where to Buy Winter Tire Studs From?
A local store will provide you with studs but doesn't guarantee that the parts are durable and genuine. Poorly installed parts impede your driving and become a safety concern as you drive on snowy roads. Get authentic and top-quality and studs from the customer's trusted store '' that fit appropriately inside your tires. The best part is we provide automotive parts for cars, trucks, or SUVs at affordable rates and are delivered to your location on time. You can fit them by yourself or take them to a qualified technician and save money.

The Bottom Line
Driving in winter would no longer be a hassle with studded winter tires. Go through the state norms before installing screw studs in your winter tires with proper adjustments.

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