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Tesbo Report Doc

Tesbo Report

Tesbo Reports is a cloud-based reporting tool designed to generate comprehensive, interactive reports for the TestNG environment, transforming complex test data into easily digestible information.

With its power to produce and access reports from anywhere and anytime, Tesbo Reports enhances the efficiency of quality assurance processes and boosts testing team productivity.

This documentation walks you through the setup, configuration, and usage of Tesbo Reports, geared towards testers, test managers, and software engineers.

Stay tuned for our upcoming support for Cucumber and Playwright, expanding the capabilities of Tesbo Reports to cater to evolving needs of the software testing community.

Here are the key features that make Tesbo Reports a comprehensive, user-friendly, and powerful reporting tool:

1. Smart Test Analytics:

Using advanced analytics, Tesbo Reports provides meaningful insights for test engineers, project managers, and stakeholders. This feature aids in making data-driven decisions that can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of software testing processes.

2. Test Execution Build History:

This feature offers a detailed visibility of your build history and the progress of tests over time. By identifying trends in test results, teams can make informed decisions to improve and streamline their testing processes.

3. Easy Setup, No Code Required:

Tesbo Reports prioritizes user-friendliness and simplicity. The tool can be easily set up without any coding knowledge, thus making it accessible for users with different levels of technical expertise and reducing the setup time and effort.

4. Test Failure Analysis:

Tesbo Reports provides an in-depth analysis of test failures, helping you understand the root causes and improve performance. These insights are valuable for optimizing testing procedures and improving software quality.

5. Email Notification:

Stay updated with your test results and other crucial updates through email notifications. This feature allows teams to stay informed and take immediate action in case of any issues, thus ensuring that no critical test failure goes unnoticed.

6. Detailed Test Reports:

Tesbo Reports generates comprehensive reports, including detailed information about each test case, execution, and performance. These detailed reports are instrumental in making data-driven decisions and optimizing the testing processes.


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