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Family members, residents, over-worked staff and concerned citizens generously shared their stories about Long-Term Care.
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My brother in law is in a long-term care. He is paralyzed. I find that the staff is not trained for the need of each individual. He is paralyzed..... not crazy. They put him in his chair at the end of the bed and the bell is at the head of the bed. If he needs to go to be bathroom, he calls his wife at home so she can call the front desk for help. His chair has a head rest and most of the time when we visit him it is not set properly so his head is bending forward and he cannot sit up by himself. The food is not very good. What you see on the menu is not what you get. My friend is in a home care residence. The food is not good (powdered milk???) and they were recently told that they cannot have a second serving so if you are still hungry... to bad. The manager of the place has all kind of jobs (garbage, pills, cook, etc..) so she is over worked and cannot be there to manage. Both places are privately owned so there is no one set of rules. Whatever the owner says today might not be what goes tomorrow so it creates frustration between workers and residents. Workers in both residences are back stabbing each other and the morale is very low (staff and residents). According to me if somebody wants to own a senior residence or long term care the house should be managed by two health care workers according to the rules outlined by the government and those workers should have motivation skill to ensure the workers and the residents are happy. Inspections should be done without the house knowing that the inspectors are coming and should go over at meal time and taste the food that they give to the residents. According to me privately owned residences should not exist but can the government take over??? I worked for the government for 39 years and with what is going on in those residences now, I am looking at the assisted suicide rules because there is no way I want to go to one of those residences. What I really don't understand is how come in 2020 those residences don't have phone, cable and internet. We can go to any motel/hotel around the world and it is included with your room. I had a run in with the owner of the place where my friend is. My friend cannot afford phone/internet/cable so I am paying for it. Her family is in Connecticut USA, New Brunswick and her son in Calgary. That is the only way to keep in touch with them. The owner could not be bothered to get her those things even after I told her that the cable company could have a rebate for her residents. So I got her what she needed the $147.00 a month. (After everything is paid she has $149.99 to live on for the month this is why she cannot afford it). After everything was done the owner told my friend that she still has to pay $30.00 for cable TV because she was paying the cable company. I tried to reason with her because both of us were paying for the cable. She was not able to help me clear the problem she was just going to call the company and cut my friends cable service all together if we did not pay. I have no patient with controlling people so we pay the $30.00 for a service that I already pay. I hope to see changes in the near future for both my brother in law and for my friends sake. Thank you for asking our opinion.
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