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Sound Check: Optimize Team Talk

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Sound Check: Optimize Team Talk

How to get your message across & land the way you want
Imagine a volume scale from 1-5. Individuals express their opinions at different “volumes”. By volume, we mean how strongly you communicate your thoughts. Sometimes, how strongly you feel about something may not be accurately perceived by others, due to the volume at which you expressed it.
For example, someone may express a strong opinion that they have at a low volume and believe they’ve done so clearly — but their teammate may not realize how strongly that person actually feels.

No volume is “good” or “bad”, it just is. The goal is not to completely change your volume tendency, but to be aware of your own & those around you.

With this awareness, you can then adjust your volume or use tools to normalize your team’s volumes (we’ve included some later on in this doc 😄). This will ultimately further your team’s productivity and create a more inclusive working environment!

What does a high or low volume look like?

Your volume can change depending on the situation, team, & point in time. For example, you could be low volume in a meeting with execs, but high volume in a 1:1 jam with a close teammate. Volume is NOT the same as being an extravert vs. introvert, but rather a combination of situational factors such as influence, seniority, confidence, and psychological safety.

Expressions of high volume

“I strongly believe...”
“We should/should not do...”

Expressions of low volume

“I do/don’t think that...”
“What if we...”

Use this doc to evaluate you and your team’s typical volumes at work!


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