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🤝 Our Mission

Agile team subscription service that help you build software from concept to reality in a scalable and sustainable way

🏅 What You Will Have

All source code and documents have been meticulously maintained since Day 1 to ensure a comprehensive record of the project's development process
The detailed system design specification and documentation have been carefully prepared to provide a thorough understanding of the project's architecture and functionality
We have organized all project-related materials, such as issue tracking, Kanban boards, meeting minutes, and recordings, in a systematic manner to facilitate seamless collaboration and easy access to important information
Our commitment to delivering bi-weekly milestones ensures that each deliverable aligns with your defined user stories, ensuring consistent progress and timely results
We actively participate in bi-weekly sprint planning and sprint demo meetings to foster effective communication, provide updates, and gather valuable feedback
Through real-time project monitoring and regular status reporting, you will have complete visibility into the progress and performance of the project at any given time
Our expertise extends beyond software development, encompassing considerations for future team growth and system scalability to ensure a robust and adaptable solution
Our dedicated team of three professionals, including two experienced mid/senior software engineers and one highly skilled TPM, invests 100-120 hours per week in the project, ensuring utmost commitment and quality
We possess the flexibility to expand our team by 1-4 additional developers, and we are equipped to assist you in effectively managing their contributions to the project

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Meet the Team

Senior Software Engineer/Architecture
10+ years as software engineer
ex-鴻海, ex-趨勢科技
Javascript, Golang
Frontend Software Engineer
5+ years as frontend engineer
30+ business projects
Javascript, Php, ReactNative
Product/Program Manager
4+ years as software engineer
2+ years as PM/TPM
Javascript, Team Management

📅 Timeline Overview

Jun 5 - Oct 16
System Analyzing
Setting up Infra
MVP - Sprint 1
MVP - Sprint 2
MVP - Sprint 3
MVP - Sprint 4
MVP - Close-out
Phase II
Jun 5
Jun 26
Jul 17
Aug 7
Aug 28
Sep 18
Oct 9
System Analyzing
Setting up Infra
MVP - Sprint 1
MVP - Sprint 2
MVP - Sprint 3
MVP - Sprint 4
MVP - Close-out
Phase II
The timeline for MVP development typically ranges from 3 to 4 months, taking into account the project scope and your business plan for the current setting
The development capacity and velocity are contingent upon the team members involved and the complexity of the project at hand
It's important to note that factors such as system integration, technical debt refactoring, and updating existing systems can have an impact on the team's capacity and velocity

💱 Team Subscription Plan

NTD$ 200,000
The monthly subscription fee does not cover the following items:
Server rental, domain registration, and third-party licensing fees, if applicable
Extra fees for additional developers or designers. Rest assured, we will assist you in managing these resources
Other related fees that fall outside the scope of our service.

📝 Other Terms of Service

We kindly request your presence at our team meeting, which will be held every other week for a duration of 2 hours
In terms of tools to be utilized for development and communication, we aim to leverage the most advanced options available. Here are some examples:
We will pick and use most advance tools to develop and communicate
Slack, Google Suite, LINE, Teams ...
Project Management
Monday, Trello, Asana, Jira ...
Code Management
Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab...
We will dedicate sufficient time to thoroughly analyze and design the system, ensuring its future scalability and adaptability
Additionally, we will ensure that all programs and documents are sustainable, allowing new team members to easily join and quickly familiarize themselves with the project

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