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GrowEasy Open Pitch
GrowEasy Open Pitch

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Idea & Problem Statement

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An AI Powered digital marketing app for small businesses to generate leads automatically

Problem Statement
54% of small businesses fail due to lack of marketing, as small businesses struggle figuring out nitty gritties of marketing as well as setup inhouse marketing teams.
Outsourcing the marketing by hiring freelancers or external agencies is time consuming and high cost activity. Also there is a skill-set issue when it comes to marketing services provided by these mom & pop marketing agencies.
Also learning digital marketing for small business owners has very high learning curve, And which can take lot of their day to day bandwidth defocusing them from their actual line of business.

The GrowEasy Idea
Marketing is all about figuring out below 3 things:
Defining the target audience
Finding out the channels of marketing
Designing creatives and writing copies
To figure out these 3 things businesses can take one of below 2 approaches
Hiring a team of Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Marketing Strategist, these team can be Inhouse team or can be built with freelancers.
Outsourcing their marketing to an agency, expert in Graphic Design, Copywriting as well as strategy and execution
The idea of GrowEasy is to build a agency with expertise in graphic designing, copywriting and marketing strategy similar to the top 1% individuals in these fields, But without any human, all through AI.

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