How Do I Connect My Canon Printer To My Computer

In an age where you can store information in digital form and access it from almost anywhere using an Internet connection, having a printer available to print out specific pieces of information when needed is a useful tool. It’s no longer necessary to wait until you get back to your home or office to create a document, letter, spreadsheet, or anything else that needs printing. Instead, you can simply connect your printer directly to your computer whether it’s a desktop PC or laptop, and begin printing as many documents as you need. To learn so that you can begin printing on demand whenever you need something printed, keep reading for more details.

How Do I Connect My Canon Printer To My Computer

Turn on your computer.
Turn on your printer.
Connect your printer to the computer using the USB cable that came with your printer (this is the primary connection method for most printers).
Turn on your computer and wait for it to finish installing any necessary software that is needed in order to allow you to print out documents from within Windows or Mac OS X (if you’re using a Mac, don’t press anything during this step as it will cause an error).
Once installed, open up the Start menu and select Devices and Printers, then select Add a Printer if necessary.
Select your printer from the list of available devices and click Next to begin adding it to Windows or Continue if you already have a printer connected in Mac OS X.
Choose where you want to install the driver for your printer (usually under “Other Devices”) and click Next, then go through any other additional steps that are necessary for connecting your device to Windows or OS X (if this is not necessary, skip straight ahead to Step 9).
Click Finish when finished installing the driver software for your device so that you can begin printing documents directly from within Windows or Mac OS X without having to install any additional drivers first if you don’t need them in order to do so (if this is not done, skip ahead directly after Step 9).
Open up a new document in your preferred word processing program and print it out.
You’re all set! Your printer is now connected to your computer and you can now print documents whenever you need them.

Benefits Of Using Canon Printer:

Canon Printer is a great printer for home users who are looking for a printer that can print excellent quality photos, documents, and other papers.
It gives you the option to print in different colors, fonts, and sizes.
You can take your printer to any place where there is a computer with the help of the USB cable that comes with it.
You can also connect your canon printer to any free wifi router for printing from anywhere in the world
It has a high-speed scanning option which makes it easy to scan large quantities of documents at one go and send them over email or upload them on the website for easy reference later on.
It has high-quality printing which makes it the best printer for home users.
It has a feature of automatic duplex printing which helps in saving paper.
It is compatible with any windows platform which gives you an option to print from your laptop, desktop or even tablet.
It has the feature of an automatic document feeder which allows you to print multiple pages at a time without having to flip through pages to print them out individually.
You can save your valuable time by using the scanner option that allows you to scan documents and store them on your computer for future reference only using the scanning software that comes along with it for free as well as linking it with your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing of scanned documents on these platforms later on.
It has the feature of auto duplex printing which avoids wasting paper and saves money as well as giving a good look to the printed papers due to the high-quality printing that occurs in canon printers.
The warranty period provided by canon Print is 2 years which covers all kinds of defects in hardware and software in its hardware or any other related problems of canon Print. You can easily claim a replacement if your product is not working properly after trying out all solutions mentioned above such as cleaning, replacing ink cartridges, etc.

How To Print A Image?

Step 1: Follow the steps mentioned in the below image.
Step 2: Place the image on the printing paper.
Step 3: Press print button and then select your printer from the list of printers that appear on your screen.
Step 4: Select your printer from your printer list, click on it and click on “print” button to start printing process.
Step 5: You will be shown a pop up window with a number of choices for you to select which mode you want to print in or you can select “automatic” mode to have the printer do everything for you without you having to do anything at all by yourself like pressing any buttons or even clicking any buttons, etc..
Step 6: After selecting the mode of printing that you want, click on “ok”.
Step 7: The image will be printed if this is what is being printed according to what has been selected by you previously in step 6 above instead of choosing whether it should be printed in black and white or color or both at once as well as whether it should be printed full size or half size instead of just making it smaller than it actually is so that users can save more paper and money while still getting high-quality prints out of their canon printers at home or office depending upon how much they are willing to pay for each month’s worth of ink cartridges that they need so that their canon printers will not have any issues with ink cartridges and will work for a longer period of time as well.
Step 8: If you are done with printing, then click on “ok” button to stop the printing process.
Step 9: Now, you can take the printed image out and have it in your hands or put it up on your wall if you wish to do so or keep it in a frame instead of putting it into something that is not going to be able to hold the image without the ink smudging or damaging what is printed on this paper since we all know that ink smudges and even stains are very common problems with printers, scanners, copiers and other devices that use ink cartridges as well as other products such as printers when they run out of ink which can be easily solved by replacing the cartridge with a new one which is very easy for most people to do once they understand how to replace them; however, if you are not sure about how to do this then don’t worry about because Canon has provided instructions for this at the below link and this link also offers assistance for replacing your Canon printer’s ink cartridges should you need help doing so.
Step 10: Check whether there are any issues with your canon printer after trying out these steps above by clicking on the “Check Status” button that appears on your screen if there still is any problem with your printer after trying these steps.

Setup Your IJ Start Canon Printer Using - Http//ij.start canon

Visit and find out the best way to download Canon printer drivers. Canon printers are ideal for every situation wherever you need a document, paper, or photo print or even if you wish to scan, fax, and do more will make you learn how to set up a canon printer to get advanced printing features. To complete your Canon ij printer setup with several connectivity options like WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and others, see and follow below mentioned steps.

Requirements for Canon IJ Setup:

After you have completed the setup of your printer Make sure you keep details of the model numbers for your printer handy.
Be sure your computer as well as laptop is just big enough in space for storage so that a smooth driver installation is completed.
Make sure that the printer is properly connected to the power outlet.
Your device is running and high-speed internet connection.
Make sure that the network you’re using is running WPA or WPA2 security protocol.

Configure and set up the Canon inkjet printer hardware

Once you are done with software set up using canon site, the other step to start printing is printer hardware set up. Unless you don’t set up the hardware, it’s difficult to start printing; therefore, follow steps to configure the canon inkjet printer;
Make sure you have installed Canon ij setup from and set up correctly.
Now, the initial hardware screen will show you some instructions, hence jump to the next steps.
Choose the language, read the cartridge installation instructions, and follow them.
Open the feed slot cover, move the paper guides and load 2 Paper sheets your get in the rear tray.
Against the edges of the paper, slide the left and right paper guides.
Close ‘feed slot cover’ and open ‘output tray’ of paper.
Pull out the output tray extension, choose Execute, select Align Print Head.
Remove the paper after print and press the cancel button if the orange light flashes.
Exit after the configuration completion.

Download Canon Printer Driver via

The user can easily get and install the Canon printer driver from Canon’s official site, i.e., “” To simplify things for everyone we’ve provided an extensive guideline that users can download the Canon driver for their printer immediately and easily.

For Windows

Users need to open the browser on the internet.
Then , in the address bar search to find .
The official site will be displayed on the screen of your system.
Then tap on”Setup” and then tap on the “Setup” icon.
After that, the users will need to input the printer model.
Then , tap the “Go” button.
Then, click the “Start” icon.
Following that, users should follow on-screen instructions for preparing the printer.
The download link will appear on the screen.
After that, click on”download.
Following this, the “.exe” file will start downloading.
When the file has downloaded, then open the downloaded file.
Following this following this, after that, the “User Account Control” pop-up will open on the screen.
From there, click on then the “Yes” button.
Following that it will appear the “start setup” window will be displayed in the display.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.