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Wish Someone would warned me?

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Wish Someone would warned me?

Wish when I was younger instead of preaching
about monsters under the bed, someone would have warned
me about the monster that lives inside my head.
This beast within, always lurking and screeching,
feeds on my fears, and leaves my soul retching.

I try to hide it, behind a smile so bright,
But the demon inside, it always wins the fight.
It makes me feel so small, so lost, and alone,
Trapped in my own head, I am never fully known.

It whispers dark thoughts, that I try to ignore,
But they echo louder, like a haunting folklore.
I am a prisoner, in my own mind,
with no escape, and no place to unwind.

How do I break free, from this monster within?
Can I conquer it, or is it a battle I cannot win?
Am I alone, or are there others like me,
Fighting a war, that the world cannot see?

My mind is a paradox, a labyrinth so complex,
I wish for simplicity, a life that is less perplexed.
But I know that this struggle, is a part of me,
A unique experience, that shapes my identity.

So I embrace the darkness, and the pain that it brings,
For in this turmoil, I find strength and beautiful things.
The paradox of life, is that through our suffering,
We can find meaning, and a new beginning.

So here I stand, with my monster inside,
But I am not afraid, for I have learned to abide.
I am a warrior, fighting a battle so unseen,
And I will conquer this beast, with a heart that's serene.

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