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Dear Parents,

Listen Instead of Reading:

In the dark of night, when shadows creep,
And every sound is hushed to sleep,
I lie awake, my mind a maze,
Trapped in the web of my own craze.

I hear your voice inside my head,
Telling me I'm better off dead,
That I'm a burden, a waste of space,
A disappointment to the human race.

But I refuse to listen to your lies,
To your toxic words that aim to chastise,
For I deserve better, better than you,
And I'll fight until my dreams come true.

I'll break free from the chains you've bound,
And I'll stand tall on solid ground,
For I am strong, and I am brave,
And I won't let you be my grave.

So go ahead and try to bring me down,
But I'll rise up and wear my crown,
For I deserve better, better than you,
And I'll prove it in everything I do.

I'll face my fears, I'll overcome,
And I'll find peace when all is done,
For I am worthy, I am enough,
And your poison will no longer be tough.

I'll leave you behind, in the past,
And I'll find happiness that will last,
For I deserve better, better than you,
And my new life will be bright and true.

But still, I wonder, how could it be,
That the ones who are meant to love us, can't see,
The damage they do, the pain they cause,
The scars they leave, the love they pause?

It's a paradox of life, I suppose,
That those who love us, can hurt us the most,
And yet, we still long for their embrace,
For the love that we can't seem to replace.

But in the end, we must remember,
That we are strong, and we are tender,
And we deserve better, better than the pain,
Better than the hurt, and the toxic rain.

So let us rise up, and stand tall,
And let our spirits never fall,
For we deserve better, better than you,
And we'll find it, in everything we do.
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