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Jazz Influence on the 20th Century

Jazz Influence on the 20th Century

The musical genre of jazz had a significant impact on multiple social movements and historical events. This video essay will cover the impression that jazz had on the Women's Liberation Movement as well as the fashion industry of it's time.
Taylor Hoffman
The Importance of the Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM)
This movement took place during the 1960s to the 1980s and the focus was primarily women fighting for the right for equality and the fight against oppression from male authority. It allowed for society to view women in a different light. They were viewed as people who were able to have a voice in political roles, increase in socioeconomic stances, and in the overall culture.
Watch the video which helps explain the effects of this movement
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Jazz Music Affect on WLM
Jazz music provided an outlet for the women’s rebellion. This genre also provided jobs for women in the music industries as well as opening up the the consumer market for music with the help of women.
Drag Em by Mary Lou Williams
Flappers Taking Over
These women were considered to be ones who embrace a lifestyle of immoral actions, wrong-doing, and outrageous. Now they are thought of as the first wave of independent women who pushed barriers and were a symbol for a fight against political and sexual oppression as well as the barriers of economics.
History of the Flappers
The Flapper.png
Jazz and Dancing
Flappers were experiencing new ways to express themselves as well as different ways to dance. Jazz music during this time allowed for the women to show off new dances that were becoming the rave.
A Look into the Dancing of Flappers
Women’s Fashion Influence
Women’s outfits began to change in shape and practicality when the Jazz genre hit the streets. The dresses started to resemble the undergarments that were traditionally wore under the Victorian style dresses. However, these new dresses had no shape, no waist, and no sleeves which allowed for the women to have any desired movement to dance. These new style was most popular during the younger generations.
Jazz, Fashion, and Liberation
Men’s Fashion Influence
This was also a time that fashion changed for men. Since women were experiencing a full load of changes in all aspects of life, it was inevitable for the changes to spread to the male sex. The outfits that were popular for the men would consist of: 3-piece suits, narrow strip dress shirts, long overcoats, hats, neckties, and pullover sweaters.
Hats were all the rage for men during this time. In the video you can see men dressed in their 3-piece suits, neck ties, stripped shirts, as well as hats.
Music and Fashion
Jazz and fashion go together because it provides a visual and tangible example of an experience that we can live through repeatedly. The fashion industry at that time changed to allow for the free movement that the dances need to preform accurately; this also included hair fashion as well. Women changed their hairstyle to a short bob and for men wore a slick back style to insure that nothing would break free during a lively dance.
Here is an overview of how Jazz influenced the entire fashion industry

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