Finding the right next fit (WIP)

Always have a plan

If you’re in need of income, it’s tempting to apply to every open position you find. The idea is that you’ll be strategic about your top companies but why not just apply everywhere, right?
No. Every reply to an application takes time, energy, and enthusiasm. Having a plan helps you figure how which ones to target and, if there is an influx, how to prioritize each.

If you’re taking you’re time, it’s tempting to reply to a friendly recruiter for a product that you’ve been interested in. It sounds cool and, well, you may just been burned by your last employer so why not do something that sounds neat?
No. Recruiters are trained to lure you in and hide the bad stuff. The product and role might be interesting but if the incentives for the company and its executives aren’t aligned with what you’re looking for then you may find yourself disappointed.

Having a plan is about designing a framework for yourself of how to prioritize roles based on career goals, financial goals, and mental health.

What to consider in the plan?

Career goals
Financial goals
Mental health

Dimensions to consider

Company size
Company stage
Revenue/success structure
Founder profile and ambitions
Team structure
Design leader


(1) Fit/Match
(2) Brand
(3) Company growth
Why important?
You know how much time to spend on them
Tier 1 (2-4 companies)
Cover letters
Research on questions that company asks
Reach to friends/connections/strangers from that company
Watch videos on interviewing there
Watch videos from leadership/product launches/podcasts
Listen notes
Understand what the company needs to do for future success
Sometimes different than what they do now
Put yourself out there
Tier 2 (10-15 companies)
Look up the company name
Read some articles about them (google news)
Maybe research some questions
They’re super high on one aspects of criteria
Tier 3
Anyone you applied
Someone reached out to you

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