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Twig integration

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Twig integration

Shopify integration
Shopify uses payment apps to provide payment processing services and Twig is one of them. Using a payments app merchant can redirect buyers to the payment provider’s page (checkout page) where the final purchase is done.

Overview of the integration flow

Payment apps can be found on Shopify Store(just an “App Store” for Shopify apps) or Twig will offer it via a shared link. The installation is done in 6 steps
Merchant discovers the app on Shopify Store
Installs the app (the installation screen, see pic above)
Completes required configurations if shown on the screen
Tells the Shopify that is ready to use the Twig app.
Shopify enables the app
Merchant activates the app
Pay with Twig will show as a payment option during the checkout

Overview of the checkout flow

Checkout is straightforward and every communication between the merchant and Twig app is empowered by Shopify as a broker. Steps to checkout:
Buyer add items to the cart and when they want to do the purchase they choose Pay with Twig
Shopify will receive a request to do the checkout
Buyer is redirected to the Twig’s checkout page
After the purchase, Twig tells Shopify about the purchase and the buyer is redirected to the store.

Note: All the communication between the merchant and Twig checkout happens through Shopify, so there is no direct communication between the merchant and Twig. If the buyer clicks on purchase, we notify Shopify about the payment then Shopify notifies the merchant.
Link to Shopify Payments apps:
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