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Project Goals
Lead at least 2 research projects
LD Careers
LCL/DX Optical
Work on at least 1 exploratory project
LD Careers
LCL/DX Optical
Work on at least 1 evaluative project (user testing, concept testing etc)
SDM CV Vaccine Testing (End-to-End)
SDM Virtual Hair Try-On
SDM Delivery
SDM (Un)Archive
LCL/DX Optical
MP Transitions Testing
PCX Onboarding
Areas of business I'm interested in: Shoppers, PCX/MP, PCX Ops
I'm also super interested in the operations side of the business around the picking experience so if I can collaborate with a team on that that would be amazing!
In progress PCX Ops TBD
Writing an article for Human Research Blog
Currently awaiting feedback
To be published
Work on at least 1 mixed methods project
“I'd love to work with Christina on this”
Experiment and adapt a method
Research Ops – Screener question bank, insight statement frameworks
In progress
Be able to clearly articulate how the research impacted the business
LD Careers Impact doc
Findings are currently being used to update job stories
On hold
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Learning Goals
Focus Areas
Mid-Point Progress (Apr 28)
Progress (Jul 23)
Planning / Framing
Making sense of data and setting up frameworks
Focusing on research questions > methods
Method, data, actionable
Christina has suggested some activities/rituals to work on method selection
“I want to get to a point where I can articulate the research questions myself” (write it in a clear succinct way)
Urge to fall back on familiar methods/frameworks
Learned about unmoderated testing, pros/cons and how to use in the future
Learning how to push back and narrow down research scope in the future
Still a WIP
Desire to learn from Eve/Sushani on how they frame questions
Opportunity to reflect on questions after projects are completed and thinking through the accuracy of the research question(s)
Gained more learnings with unmoderated testing (MP transitions) e.g. what a good design handoff looks like for research; when to switch to moderated (PCX onboarding)
Would be interested in asking other team members how they approach pushing back or re-evaluating scope with stakeholders
Synthesis / Sensemaking
Distilling information quickly
Storytelling/flow of information
Working on outlines and flow of information for the purposes of storytelling
Further exploration of data collection + synthesis frameworks
Layering - using the note-taking template and then combining that with miro to further understanding
Still continuing to explore different ways to organize data in miro depending on the project
Writing insights in the miro board was helpful so as to not get stuck in the format of the powerpoint deck
In the future, pasting in research questions and goals might be helpful to align with the data
Knowing when to take research liberties - how we frame the data and what we present
Been developing skills on writing better insight statements overall
Would be good to reflect on research sessions at the end of the day, day by day
Still going back to videos/recordings to ensure no data is left behind; for sake of time needing to figure out which times this makes sense and which time it doesn’t
Feels like watching videos is more digestible/memorable than reading the data
Business Alignment
What’s helpful for stakeholders
Pulling in data from other sources
Continual exposure to other data teams at LD and beyond
Understanding previous work done to inform current research would be helpful
Project Management
Managing timelines in projects and meeting deadlines
Less OT overall
In the future, asking for more time and/or shaving down content
Tension between wanting to hit timelines that we’ve set in the research + also managing stakeholder timelines
Would be good to build in buffer up front to avoid needing to flex later on
Visual Design skills
Still learning
Still learning
Still learning
Wrote article for Human Research blog

MP usability testing with Bilge
(Un)archive feature with Nic F. + Joana
DRx delivery research w/Marcelo
Accessibility Testing
Onboarding call set up
Quantitative Methods
Survey writing, fundamental quant concepts, sampling methods, reading dashboards
Not started, but hoping to start on upcoming projects e.g. Seasonal Journey
There are no rows in this table

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