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LCA on Coda

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Dear Coda Team

Let's build tools to clean up the internet.
👋 I am , and have been working with Coda for over a year now and it has helped me keep track of content, projects and ideas. While it is a serious competitor to Google Drive and Microsoft Office, it still adds to the digital bloat. We need tools to help us clean up the digital space and move us to think a little more about the content we upload, share and multiply, as well as tools to help us clean up our files, folders and programs.
What is the digital bloat?
It is when excessive content is over produced, unnecessarily uploaded, and multiple copies are stored, resulting in overconsumption of planetary resources and energy.
EarthsterLCA - Janna CC BY-ND.png
A sunburst visualisation of an LCA for digital services derived from
Coda is missing environmental actionable metrics to inform people on how to minimise, consolidate and clean up their Coda docs. While in the free plan there is a little financial incentive to minimise sites, money motivators don’t lead to meaningful and sustainable activity, but environmental actionable metrics just might!
I have been studying Environmental and Social LCAs and would like to do an for Coda’s document platform. I have successfully entered the ’s talent pool for their and am looking for a sponsor.
Through their programme I would do an Environmental Lifecycle Assessment (E-LCA) on Coda with the platform. This would provide your team with environmental metrics to integrate into the existing statistics settings already available on the platform.
The sponsorship will also enable me to do an E-LCA for Coda during the internship, which includes a full-time two-week E-LCA course and eight weeks of project work. In order to ensure the quality of the LCA, I will have access to LCA professionals during the internship.
For the final output of the LCA, we can figure out the final presentation together how that would look like in Coda. Which could later be published in Coda’s Gallery.

💚 More info...

What is an Environmental Lifecycle Assessment?
The E-LCA Internship Program

Hajnalka Collado made an E-LCA for . The video presents what a digital services E-LCA looks like on Earthster:
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