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Signing Up

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Buying Designs

Searching for Designs
How to search for Designs
Use the search bar (top left) to enter in search words and keywords.
How to Filter Designs
Filters on the top right are available to search by Newest, Type and Category.
How to Select Designs
You can select the model you want to look at by tapping on it once. The product screen will show up.
Adding Favourites to your saved folder
In the Marketplace or Design page, Tap or click the ❤️ so it is filled in 🖤
Add Designs to Cart
In the Design page, add Designs to cart by tapping on the Buy Now button.
What’s in your Cart
When you tap on Cart all your items that you have selected to buy will appear there.
Purchasing Designs
To finalise your purchase, in the Cart window, tap on the Pay now button.
Then check the details of your order and then tap on the Continue button.
This will then take you to the payment page where you enter in your payment information. After checking that all your details are correct. Tap on Pay.
Contacting Seller
Currently, there is no method to contact seller. You can contact Ekofab on the contact details provided on website.
Review Design
When you have purchased an item, you see your purchased designs in your Profile under My Purchased. Select the design you want to review and give a score out of five stars.
Review Seller
Currently, Seller review is not available.
Processing Time
Once your purchase is complete and the payment has been verified, your design files will be ready for download. If you are not signed in, sign in again to Ekofab. Go to your profile and tap on My Purchases. Find the Design that you want to download from your list of purchases. Then tap on File Download when you are ready to download your file.
Request a Custom Item
If you find a design you like, but want to have it customised, you can contact the Seller to find out if customisation is possible. You may need to negotiate with the Seller and they will probably charge an additional customisation fee.

Making Payments

Taxes and Custom Fees
Click on the Cart to see your items. Once you are ready to pay, tap on Pay Now. If you have a promocode, enter that in the left hand field. Then tap on Continue. You will then be taken to Stripe’s checkout service, here you can enter your credit or debit card information. Your email address has already been added from your Ekofab account information. Once you are ready to finalise your payment, tap on Pay. You will receive an email with your receipt and a you can now see the design you purchased in your profile under My Purchases.
Payment Options
You can pay with Mastercard, Visa, Amex and several other credit card networks. Alternatively, you can also pay through your account.

Selling Models

Uploading models
You can upload models by going to Seller Profile, then tap on Add a Design.
Your models and content
Your models, designs and content are yours. You can choose which Creative Commons License works for you. Make sure to add it to the information you provide with your model and designs. To learn more about Creative Commons Licensing, visit
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