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The secret to uncovering customer insights with AI

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Interview Guide

Define the questions for the customer interviews
To get started, clear the sample data, and begin defining the 3-4 things you are hoping to learn from the interviews. Once you know the questions you want to ask, press the ‘Add new interview question’ button and start jotting down questions for peer review.
The ‘Coda AI Suggested Questions’ column provides a few question ideas to get your juices flowing.
Clear sample data
Things you want to learn
Interview goals
Coda AI Suggested Questions
I want to learn the best way to position our new core sales deck to align with the marketing funnel
What is the target audience for the core sales deck?
How does the marketing funnel currently operate?
What are the key factors that differentiate the core sales deck from previous versions?
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Add new interview question
Interview Questions
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Potential Bias
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